Sunday, April 8, 2007

Shell Set [Sold!]

Specification Mumbo Jumbo
Shell Necklace: 14 Inches
Dual Strand Shell Bracelet: 7.2 inches
Single Stand Shell Earrings: 2.7 inches

These eye catching pieces are made out of shell like beads in alternate shade of bronze and turquoise. Alternative wear, you can twist the necklace into two to wear it as a bracelet. Then you get an illusion of quadruple stand bracelet.

Price: RM 50 for the set

Ocean Blue Bracelet

Specification Mumbo Jumbo
This 7.4 inches bracelet is made from bali beads, lampwork beads, Swarovski pearl and glass beads.

I only made one piece of this very individual, chunky bracelet.

Match it with:
Single Strand Earring #11

Price: RM 45

Golden Hearts on the Wrist.

Specification Mumbo Jumbo
This charmed bracelet is made out of foil glass and hematite beads. Its approx 7 inches in length.

Just like it says, golden hearts on the wrist ;) Strictly casual wear. I have three in this design.

Price: RM 20

Almost Square Bracelet in Pink and Red

Specification Mumbo Jumbo
This bracelet is made out of glass beads In approximate length of 7.1 inches.

This is a ?down to earth? bracelet. Only one piece available.

Price: RM 15

Single Strand Earrings # 11

Specification Mumbo Jumbo

This earrings is approx 3.5 inches in length. Consists of Swarovski crystals and pearls with coin beads.


Simple. Blue. Denim. Smart Casual. 'Nuff said. ;)

Price: RM23

Single Strand Earrings #10

Specification Mumbo Jumbo:
This earrings is approx 1.8 inches in length consisting of seashell beads in Green.

Price: RM 5

Single Strand Earrings #9 [SOLD!]

Specification Mumbo Jumbo:
This earrings is approx 1.4 inches in length consisting of Chinese Cloisonne Beads in Green and White.

Price: RM7