Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bride's Tiara I

Tiara Band in Black Base

Design Upclose
Specification Mumbo Jumbo
Tiara band length 5.5 inches, and width 4.7 inches. Comes in black (till further notice). Swarovski Crystals manipulated to the shape of a basic flower.

This tiara is best worn around a high placed bun. Not recommended to be used as a headband.

Price: Contact me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cadena de Corazones aka String of Hearts

White & Pink Hearts


Hearts in Red & Orange


Specification Mumbo Jumbo
This bracelet is approx 7 inches in length consists of Swarovski crystals. I am able to customize to the colour combination of your choice. Special thanks to Natalie for inspiring the name :)

Honestly, need I say more?

Price: RM 80

For Valentines Day, please place your orders before 31st Jan 2010. Delivery will be made from 4th to 10th Feb 2010. Free packaging is of a paperbag.