Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heart Necklace

From Left to Right
Heart #1: in Blue
Heart #2: in White (its reflecting the colours around it giving it a gold sheen)
Heart #3: In Lilac

Specification Mumbo Jumbo
Necklace made out of suede string and Swarovski's crystal in the shape of a heart.

Price: RM 30
Best Buy for Nov 2010: RM 27

Pearl Bracelet

From Left to Right
Bracelet #1: White & Burgandy
Bracelet #2 & 3: White, Pink & Burgandy
Bracelet #4: White.
Bracelet #5: Burgandy
Bracelet #6: Pink


Specification Mumbo Jumbo:-
Bracelets made out of Swarovski's Pearl in 7 inches length. 

An understated look for both formal or business events. 

Price: RM 65. 

Get Ready for the Party Season!

The year end party season see's a lot of party outfits in black & solid colours of gemstone (think blue, turquoise etc) Glam up your outfits with this limited cuffs, necklaces and earrings from the Readymade Collection. Each items are one piece only!

From Left to Right 
Earring #1 in white, turquoise and dark blue
Earring # 2 in gold
Earring # 3 in white
Earring #4 in white and turquoise
RM 45 (Best Buy)

From Left to Right
Earring # 5 in Purple
Earring # 6 in Green
Earring #7 in Gold
Earring #8 in Black
RM 43 (Best Buy)

Earring #9 in Purple
Earring #10 in Turquoise
RM 40 (Best Buy)

Earring # 11 Shoulder Duster in Gold & Brown
RM 56 (Best Buy)
Earring # 12 Shoulder Duster in White
RM 50 (Best Buy)

From Left to Right
Cuffs #1 in Silver, Cuff #2 in Gold & Cuff #3 in Light Blue
RM 40 (Best Buy)

Two tier dainty choker in gold, burgundy and turquoise.
RM 35 (Best Buy)

Photography by Maggie & Nicole Ng

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Earrings for the Kids and Tweens (Best Buy)

Tiny Hoops From Left To Right 
#1: Light Blue with White Stones
#2: Dark Blue with White Stones
#3 White Stones

Studs From Left To Right
#4: in Burgandy
#5: Green
#6: White

#7 In White
#8 in Blue
#9 in Red

Fun Stud Earrings & Tiny Hoop Earrings 
RM 10 Each (Best Buy & Limited)

Readymade Collection
Photographgy by Nicole Ng

Fun Necklace for the Kids & Tweens (Best Buy till Nov 2010)

Fun necklace for the kids :) made out of Swarovski's pendants. Comes in shape of starfish & fish.
Price: RM 26 
Best Buy till Nov 2010: RM 20 
Photography by Nicole Ng

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Charmed (Best Buy)

Specification Mumbo Jumbo:-
Charm bracelet approx 7 inches in length, charms and links are not customizable and the bracelets are limited. Slight variation from each bracelet to allow individuality. 

This charm bracelet is suitable for teenage girls. The charms (most of it) holds a good reminder of what's important in life. Each bracelet has different combinations of 6 of the charms:-

Follow Your Heart charm - to follow your heart and not the crowd.
Rose charm - to stop and smell the roses in the busy schedule of school, tuition, exam etc.
Friends charm - for the family that we choose ourselves. 
Treble Cleft charm - for the music that feeds our soul.
Book charm - that knowledge is power. 
Shopping Bag charm- weeeeeell...we girls will ALWAYS be girls! 
Starfish charm - a different take to care for the environment, after all, we borrow the earth from our children.

Price: RM 29 per piece.
Photography by Nicole Ng

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shoulder Duster #1

4-inch shoulder duster in black, brown and red.
RM 30 (one piece each only) 

Photography by Nicole Ng.

Chandelier Earrings #3

3.2-inch chandelier earrings in black & matt pink
RM 28 (one piece each only)

Photography by Nicole Ng

Chandelier Earrings #2

3.5-inches chandelier earrings in black
RM 23 (one piece only)

Photography by Nicole Ng

Chandelier Earrings #1

2.8-inch chandelier earrings in turquoise
RM23 (one piece only)

Photography by Nicole Ng

Bollywood Inspired Earrings #3

2.2-inch earrings with hint of Indian inspiration. Only in brown ;)
RM 20 (one piece only)

Photography by Nicole Ng. 

Snowflake on my ears.

3-inch snowflake inspired design in lilac & black.
RM 25 (one piece each only)

Photography by Nicole Ng. 

Butterfly on My Ears

2.5-inches single strand earring in shape of a butterfly. In turquoise & brown. 
RM 20 (one piece each only) 

Photography by Nicole Ng