Thursday, May 3, 2007

Winter Around Your Neck

With drop

Without drop

Specification Mumbo Jumbo
This necklace is approx 14inches in length, and drop of 2.5 inches consists of Swarovski crystals and pearls in the shade of blue.

This necklace was inspired by the icy colour of wintertime. The beauty of this necklace is that you can attach the drop when you?re wearing something with a plunging neckline. Or wear it without the drop with a modest neckline. .

Match it with:-
Single Strand Winter Bracelet or Double Tier Winter Bracelet
Long Winter Earrings

Price: RM 130

1 comment:

Rajni said...


Winter necklace is made from a vintage plastic skate. It is pearls and semi-precious stones. This is a fabulous way to blend gorgeous crystal colors. Thanks a lot....