Sunday, October 24, 2010

Charmed (Best Buy)

Specification Mumbo Jumbo:-
Charm bracelet approx 7 inches in length, charms and links are not customizable and the bracelets are limited. Slight variation from each bracelet to allow individuality. 

This charm bracelet is suitable for teenage girls. The charms (most of it) holds a good reminder of what's important in life. Each bracelet has different combinations of 6 of the charms:-

Follow Your Heart charm - to follow your heart and not the crowd.
Rose charm - to stop and smell the roses in the busy schedule of school, tuition, exam etc.
Friends charm - for the family that we choose ourselves. 
Treble Cleft charm - for the music that feeds our soul.
Book charm - that knowledge is power. 
Shopping Bag charm- weeeeeell...we girls will ALWAYS be girls! 
Starfish charm - a different take to care for the environment, after all, we borrow the earth from our children.

Price: RM 29 per piece.
Photography by Nicole Ng

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